Sunday, February 13, 2011

Thanks everyone for your comments, support and participation in this project!
I enjoyed everything about Finders-Keepers, especially getting your photos and stories of how you found a heart. I would love to hear more.
Here are several comments and few more photos to shear with you. Also, another blog-story with a found heart.

'My two young sons and I just cam home from Granville Island. We had so much fun searching for hearts.
Thanks so much for creating such a great event for families'

'What a wonderful thing to do! Bless you! I wish I lived in your community so I could find one.'

'That is such a sweet idea! Wished I lived nearby just to see if I chanced upon someone pondering what to do with one of those lovely hearts.'

'I had some business near the Island today and spotted a heart from my parking space. What a wonderful surprise! I'm giving it to my boyfriend of nearly 10 years. I cherish the love.'

I have few more surprise ideas to come. Check my website from time to time for updates!

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